US Soccer Training Center – Invitational Training Sessions for Elite Players


U.S. Soccer Training Centers are single day, invitational training sessions run by U.S. Soccer staff for elite players in key soccer markets. Training Centers are open to the top players from any team, club or organization at no cost to the player. The purpose of the Training Center program is to identify the best players for the U.S. Soccer Youth National Team program.

For more information about the U.S. Soccer Training Center please CLICK HERE.

Texas Rush players who have recently attended the U.S Soccer Training Center:


  • Carmen Webster (U16G Nike)
  • Grace Piper (U14G Nike)
  • Kimberly Rodriguez (U13 Nike Blue)
  • Julia Revils (U13 Nike Blue)
  • Briana Woodall (U13 Nike Blue)
  • Jazzy Richards (U13G Nike Platinum)
  • Kelsey Brann (U13 Nike Blue)


(coming soon)