Bubacarr Jobe – Signs Professional USL Contract With Toronto FC




The Texas Rush Soccer Club is pleased to announce that former standout player Bubacarr Jobe just recently signed a USL contract to play for Toronto FC.  Bubacarr played for the USSDA Boys from 2012-13 (two seasons), providing a pivotal role in the team’s success.  Bubacarr Jobe came from Bakau, a town on the Atlantic coast of Gambia to join the Texas Rush in August 2011.

“Bubacarr is an athletic midfielder that can aid our team both in attack and defensive areas of the pitch,” said Toronto FC II Head Coach Jason Bent.  “He has spent time with us on trial and displayed qualities both on and off the pitch that we are looking for in a soccer player.”

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“In Buba’s time with the club he became an embodiment of our core values.  He tackled numerous adversities with tenacity while simultaneously sharing his passion, leadership and enjoyment for the game throughout the club.  Personally, I could not be more pleased that he has reached his goal to be a professional player and I am equally as pleased by the way he handled his adverse journey.  Thank you Buba for the incredible impact you have had on the players and coaches of the Texas Rush Soccer Club!”  Dave Dengerink, Director of USSDA / Player Development

The club asked Buba some questions about his career so far:

Q.  Describe the feeling of signing your first professional contract?

A. It is so amazing to see one of your dreams actually coming true so I am extremely happy.

Q.  What are your goals now that you have signed for Toronto?

A. From now on I am just going to take each day as it comes, one step at a time and try to be the best I can be each day.

Q.  What was the hardest thing you encountered in becoming a professional?

A.  Getting up each day and working through my ACL injury.

Q.  If you were to give other Texas Rush players some advice about making it in the professional game, what would that advice be?

A. It takes hard work and being consistent on whatever task that your coaching staff asks you to do. You also have to be a good teammate with the other players around you.  Any day you have a chance to practice as a professional player, there is always something to improve on.  You must take the advice given to you positively and always be willing to learn.

Q. What’s your professional training schedule like? How many times do you train per week?

A.  We train Tuesday – Friday, we play games on Saturday, Sunday is a recovery day and Monday is off.

Q.  What are some of the differences from playing in the USSDA vs. playing as a professional?

A. One of the main differences is in the academy the coaching staff know that you are learning.  In becoming a professional, it’s all 
about consistency and they expect you to know how to play already most of the time.

Q.  Who and what has helped you on the way to becoming a professional?

A. My family, friends and Texas Rush have helped me through this process to become a professional player.  I am very appreciate of all the help and advice.

Q.  What’s your favorite position and what position do you think Toronto will ask you to play?

A.  My favorite position is in a forward role or right midfield.  I will be asked to play right midfield for Toronto FC.

Q.  In terms of your personality and playing ability, what do you offer Toronto?  What are your attributes?

A. Since now I’m officially one of the team, I’ll do my best every day on and off the field and be the best I can be when I represent the club.



“I am very excited to have signed a professional contract for Toronto FC.  It’s always been a dream of mine to play soccer (football) and I will continue to work very hard to improve myself as a player and I look forward in representing the club.”  Bubacarr Jobe, Toronto FC Player / Texas Rush Alumni