Texas Rush Soccer StaffClick on Staff Member's Photo for More Information

Don Gemmell Technical Director

Dave Dengerink Director of Coaching: USSDA, Pre Academy, Player Development

Simon Boddison Director of Soccer Operations

Stuart Fitzsimons Director of Coaching - Competitive

Alex Cardenas Director of Coaching - TEPAL

Andrew Squire Director of Coaching - ECNL

Milton Arraez Director of Coaching - Senior Girls (U14-U18)

Steven Grave Director of Coaching - Junior Boys (U13-U14)

Jamie Bell Assistant Director of Coaching - ECNL, Director of Coaching - Camps

Michael Quinn Director of Coaching - Recreational

Benn Fernie Director of Coaching - Youth Girls (U11-U13)

Diego Lopez-Videla Director of Media & Interactive Player Development

Adam Starr Director of Coaching - Youth Academy

Nigel Vaughan Director of Coaching - Senior Boys (U15-U18)

Michael Balogun Director of Coaching - Youth Boys (U11-U12)

Darron Rush Director of Coaching

Justin Fite Director of Coaching - Goalkeeping

Pam Coffman Executive Administrator

Kayla Ballard Competitive Administrator

Natalie Olivarez Recreational Administrator

Philip Ebner Staff Coach

David Hubbard Staff Coach

Mike Openshaw Staff Coach

Stuart Taylor Staff Coach

Chris Kuciemba Staff Coach

Marshall Fazekas Staff Coach

Chris Kidd Staff Coach

Oscar Cruz Staff Coach

Neil Oversby Staff Coach

Jason Budd Staff Coach

Stephan De Four Staff Coach

Jim Eamma Staff Coach

Brian Smith Staff Coach

Keith Johnson Staff Coach

Lou Fiscella Staff Coach

Riley Niles Staff Coach

Matt Oversby Staff Coach

Bryan Shipp Staff Coach

Sean Dublin Staff Coach

Krisztian Mikoczi Staff Coach

Kyle Greeley Staff Coach

Toky Santos Staff Coach

Bogdan Onut Staff Coach

Trey Tesno Staff Coach

Jeff Roberts Staff Coach

Chelsey Norton Staff Coach

Rush Rhino Club Mascot

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