TOPS Program – Woodforest National Bank

The TOPS (Special Needs Program) is coming to the end of another exciting Spring season that has been hosted on a Saturday at Bear Branch Soccer Complex sponsored by Woodforest National Bank.  TOPS is a program designed to give the opportunity of learning and playing soccer to any boy or girl, ages 4 and up, who has a mental or physical disability.  TOPS purpose is to foster physical, mental, emotional growth and development for children with mental and physical challenges.  The game is modified to fit the needs of the players; everyone plays at his/her level.  The ‘rules of the game’ are loosely applied, and the game is played for pure enjoyment.

“The Tops program provides great opportunities through the sport of soccer for all kids to be able to participate in the game at their own speed and level. The enjoyment we see on their faces when scoring goals and playing the game is the reason I along with our many volunteers take part in the program.”  Alison Eisner, Director of TOPS.

“On behalf of the club and the TOPS Program, I would like to thank Woodforest National Bank for their continued support of the club and specifically to the TOPS Program over the last four years.”  Simon Boddison, Director of Soccer Operations.