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Texas Rush would like to congratulate the following players who represented their country over the past week.  Michalea Abam is currently in England with the U17 United States Women's National Team.  Emily Alvarado and Briana Woodall recently returned from Mexico City with the U17 Mexico National Team.  Each player is hoping to earn a place on the roster for the U17 World Cup qualifying event to be held in Jamaica this November.

National Team

ECNL pre-season just completed week 2, or as it's known to the players "Rush Cup Week".  The players were put through their paces all week with fitness testing and technical testing conducted in addition to the regular training schedule. On Friday, August 16, the entire ECNL program gathered at Lonestar college for a player presentation and a written game knowledge/tactical test. 

"We started to incorperate specific component testing into our ECNL program in March and the players have responded very postitvely.  We have carefully devised testing procedures for the physical, technical and tactical components of the game."  States Andrew Squire, Director of Coaching ECNL

ECNLpreseasonU17 ECNL starting YIRT (yo-yo test)

"Test results allow the players to set individual goals and measure their progress between periods of testing.  It's about challenging the players to become better students of the game and more effective atheletes. The atmopshere amougst the players currently is one of excitment, enjoyment and extremly high competition!" 

The Rush ECNL season starts with home games against Dallas Texans on Saturday, Septmeber 7 and Solar Chelsea on Sunday, September 8.  All games will be played at Lents Family Park West.

Check back soon for more news from the ECNL Program!



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