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adidas Partnership: FAQ



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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Rush Soccer (all 44 clubs) partnering with adidas?

  • adidas will provide a more reliable delivery performance
  • adidas is the #1 soccer specialist in the world 
  • adidas will provide an initial five year contractual agreement with the option to extend
  • adidas will provide a wider array of product for its membership to purchase
  • adidas will provide a custom made uniform

How does this relationship help Texas Rush Soccer Club and its membership?

  • Better customer service  
  • adidas will provide a wide range of player opportunities due to their extensive contacts around the world
  • adidas will provide coaching education exchange programs / events for the club’s coaching staff to attend / participate
  • adidas will provide more internal program / event support
  • There will be no significant increase in the price point for the new uniform (specific price TBA)

How long is the adidas agreement for and when does this relationship start?

The initial agreement is for five years starting January 1, 2013.

Will all the teams (competitive & recreational) be required to wear the adidas uniform starting August 1, 2013?

  • All recreational teams and the girl’s competitive side (Nike, Swoosh, Advanced) will wear adidas starting August 1, 2013.
  • All ECNL, TEPAL, USSDA teams will wear adidas starting August 1, 2013

Will the boy’s competitive section of the club be expected to purchase a new uniform for August 2013 or will they simply wear their Nike uniform?

The boy's competitive programs will require players to purchase a new adidas uniform for August 2013.

Will the teams entering their final club year (U18) be required to purchase new uniforms or can they wear Nike product?

The teams with one year left in the club (boys or girls) will be allowed to wear their Nike uniform.

Will the ‘new’ recreational player entering the club in Spring 2013 be expected to purchase an adidas uniform?

No, recreational players will wear Nike product in the Spring season 2013

Who is the club purchasing the adidas product through?

The club will purchase their entire product through Eurosport.  

How do our individual members purchase / order product?

The process for the membership will not change.

What does the competitive uniform look like (colors) and what items are included?

Blue, grey, black and white are the colors.  Included are:  two jerseys, two shorts and two socks.

What does the recreational uniform look like and what items are included?

Blue, white and black are the colors.  Included are:  Two jerseys, one short and a pair of socks.

What will all the teams be called to replace the Nike, Swoosh, Advanced names that are in place currently?

The names of the teams will be announced during Spring 2013, for the Fall 2013 season.

When will samples be available for the membership to see?

All apparel samples will be provided to the membership in Spring 2013

What is the price of the competitive & recreational uniform?

This information will be released in Spring 2013.

When is the club expected to be exclusively wearing adidas?

All the players will be wearing adidas product fully by August 1, 2014.

Will all the boys & girls be on the same yearly purchasing cycle?

Yes, eventually.  The club will start purchasing product every two years from 2013 and both the boys / girls will be on the same buying cycle by 2015.  Some boy’s teams will be exempt the first year (2013) – please contact the club for guidance prior to making any decisions (if applicable.)

Where should all the questions be directed to in terms of the new uniforms?

  • All competitive team managers will be the point of contact for the competitive program (same as before)
  • Questions in regards to the recreational uniform will be addressed by the club soccer office (same as before)
  • More detailed specific information will be communicated to the membership when it becomes available (Spring 2013)


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