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UPDATED 4/22/2013:

Sarah Piper (2000 birth year) is the 4th Texas Rush player to be selected for a National Team Camp this month.  Piper will attend the U14 United States GNT camp in Portland, Oregon as a two year "play-up". Congratulations Sarah!  

An interview with Sarah Piper after her selection to the US National Team Camp:

How did you feel after receiving your first invite to the US National Team?          
Well as every kid following their dream would say, "I feel as if I'm on top of the world!"  I am so proud to be representing my club at the National level with Kimberly and Kelsey!

How often do you train/practice in order to perform at this level and receive recognition by the national team scouts?
I train the normal three trainings a week with my team and then pick up extra practices during the week. I normally do an extra practice on Tuesday with the U14 developmental team and once on Thursday with the U14 ECNL girls.  I like to make my training fun and creative so when we got a trampoline a few years ago, my sister, my brother, and I made up a game called "trampoline soccer"!

How has your club helped you earn this opportunity?
Rush has always helped with not only the technical and tactical side of soccer but also the mental aspect. The coaching staff isn't only your coach, but also your friend! They get to know you so that they can get to know the problems that you are facing on the field. Rush has definitely opened up doors for me, so I owe many thanks to the Texas Rush coaching staff.

What have you had to sacrifice to earn this opportunity?
Well obviously you have to sacrifice your time just like when you are going in for a tackle! When you are going in for a tackle, you have to sacrifice your body! It's all or nothing in both situations! If you don't go in strong during the tackle, you could injure yourself. But if you don't go to every practice, extra practices, training at home, fitness, etc. then that means you are not giving your soccer career enough attention that you will never be at the top of the scale!

What inspires you?
My biggest inspiration is Tobin Heath! She is my role model because she can do tricks that not everybody on the US team can do! There are so many YouTube videos about how she does her moves that are super fun to watch because then you can go try them outside during or after the video! That is one reason I think that juggling is the key to your first touch!  But Edgardo Mira from El Salvador is a close second!  Mira is a second brother to me because he stayed with my family last spring (whilst playing for the Texas Rush U18 Development Academy Team).  He was always ready to pick up a ball and juggle with me or go outside and play trampoline soccer! He would even teach me new moves! 

Full Story below!

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Texas Rush ECNL players invited to National Team Camps with United States and Mexico.

Kelsey Brann, Kimberly Rodriguez (U14 ECNL) and Sarah Piper (U13 Nike Blue) will attend the US Under 14 Girls' National Team Camp in Portland, Oregon next month.  

Emily Alvarado (U16 ECNL) has been selected to attend the Mexico U17 Women's National Team Camp in Mexico City between April 10 to April 21.  If successful at the training camp, Alvarado will play in the games against the United States and Costa Rica in the week immediately following the camp.  The U17 Mexico National Team is in the early stages of preparation for the U17 Women's World Cup to be held in Spring 2014 in Costa Rica.

Rodriguez is attending a National Team camp for the second time whilst Brann and Alvarado become Texas Rush's second and third players respectively to be selected to a National Team Camp.

"We are extremely proud to have four players called into a National Team training camp this season. Each of the players selected share the same passion and attitude towards the game and thoroughly deserve this opportunity to train with the best players in the United States and Mexico.  Congratulations ladies!"  Andrew Squire – Director of Coaching ECNL

 U16 Texas Rush ECNL
Galactica's (El Paso)
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 U14 Texas Rush ECNL
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 U13 Nike Blue

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 U14 Texas Rush ECNL
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An interview with Kelsey Brann after her selection to the US National Team Camp:

How did you feel after receiving your first invite to the US National Team?
In my opinion, being invited to the US National Team Camp is the most thrilling experience in the world. I was so excited when I read those words. It is the coolest feeling ever and this is one those moments I'll never forget.

How have you enjoyed your first season in the ECNL with Texas Rush?
Playing in the ECNL has definitely helped me reach this point. The level of competition and the speed of play has definitely heightened my knowledge of the game.

How often do you train in order to perfrom at this level and receive recognition by the national team scouts?
I train every day of the week. Even on my days off I'm always down at the fields by my house kicking a ball around or playing with the teams that often play there. On the weekends after we've played our ECNL games I'll go and kick a ball into the net or go and train still.

What have you had to sacrafice to earn this opportunity?
It's taken a lot of sacrifices like giving up time spent with friends, leisure time, and time most kids my age use for trivial things to get this opportunity and yet, I don't regret a single minute of it.

What inspires you?
One of my greatest role models is Hope Solo. One day I want to be able to say, "I just took the spot of one of my biggest inspirations." She's gone through so much in her life yet she's still considered one of the best keepers in the world. She's taken all of the bad things and used it as fuel to work harder. That's my attitude, and I'll strive to keep up the hard work and dedication to get to where I want to go.

Thank you Kelsey!  More player interviews coming shortly!

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